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ExploringBalance and JEOWebProductions are about creative problem solving. We craft both technical and human-centered solutions for individuals, groups and businesses.

From search engine optimization, Internet marketing and website development to personal NLP counseling, massage, tai chi instruction and self-awareness coaching, the core message is the same - we will help you reveal your unique gifts, talents, products and services and discover ways to express them in your life and on the Internet.

If you have property you wish to develope with sustainability in mind, contact us about a "Permaculture walkthrough" of your site and we can help you discover the challenges and opportunities your unique situation and resources provide. From "quick fix" to "retrofit" to "Ultimate Permaculture design", we can help you plan a strategy and implementation plan towards an energy saving, sustainable lifestyle.

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News and Events:

2012 NorCal Permaculture Convention

2012 Northern California Permaculture Convention

The Northern California Permaculture Convergence (formerly the Bay Area Regional Permaculture Convergence) is an annual event which brings together permaculture designers, sustainability enthusiasts, and communities in Northern California, the West Coast, and beyond. We gather for a weekend intensive focuing on a common goal: to design sustainable habitats, in accordance with nature, for humans, plants, animals, our greater bioregion, and the Earth at large.

Practitioners across a wide-spectrum of skill-sets will exchange ideas through concurrent workshops and discussions. Events range from organic agriculture and wildcrafting to natural building and appropriate use of technologies; from environmental remediation and disaster preparedness to community dynamics and global justice. In addition to a plethora of workshops and amazing speakers on a diversity of topics, there will also dedicated areas for skills sharing, collaborative discussions, children’s activities, educational displays, and specialist vendors. Participants will have opportunities to socialize, network, and connect with others in this field through meals and the activities listed above.

For more information on the Convergence Program Click Here.


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Exploring the Technical Side   tzolkin sacred Mayan calendar

Search Engine Web Marketing & Website Development

Keyword Research: find words people search for, and your competition

Search Engine Optimization: restructure your HTML to be "search engine friendly"

Pay-per-click Campaign Management: getting the most bang for your advertising buck

Submit Your Site: "top-10" search engines, web directories and portals you need to know

Build Reciprocal Link Networks: getting and keeping good link partners

Specialty Programming: web browser, server and database applications

Link to Flash Portfolio: old, but fun examples of Flash animation and programming

Link to SearchEngine-WebsiteTuning: free, useful tools and tips, online planning form


Website Development, Programming and Search Engine Internet Marketing

Keyword Research:
* Researching online databases for important keyword terms people are actually searching for, for which your products and services might be a match. I report on popularity and competitiveness of keywords and recommend terms that have the best chance for search engine optimization and ranking. * Identify and analyze top ranked competitive websites and their optimization and placement statistics that will need to be emulated or bested in order to get good competitive placement.


Search Engine Optimization:
- Identify HTML components and keyword density of page copy that can enhance search engine friendliness for your keywords and edit your pages for better keyword optimization. Create effective META, title and other HTML tags. Suggest further additions or changes to website that can enhance search engine friendliness and keyword ranking.


Pay-per-click Campaign Management:
- Identify titles, ad copy, message and landing pages to attract the right kind of web visitor. Create keyword bidding strategies, budgets and campaigns for Google and Overture/Yahoo! pay-per-click and determine which other products would be useful and within budget. Consult on ROI (return on investment) reporting and website traffic log options that may be available to you. - I offer monthly management services to continue to fine-tune your ads, bidding strategies and keywords for best return on your clicks and your money.


Submit Your Site:
- Identify the top search engines, web directories and submission portals and a submission strategy that takes advantage of the interrelationships among them. Hand-submit your site to these places. (Note: some of these portals require additional submission fees.)


Build Reciprocal Link Networks:
- One of the biggest determinants of search engine ranking is the quantity and quality of incoming links to your site from other webpages. Incoming links are like "votes of confidence" from the internet and, when done well, are viewed quite favorably by search engines. A number of good quality incoming links will be essential for placement of highly competitive keywords. (Hint: Google often won't rank you at all unless you are linked to by at least two other websites.)


Specialty Programming:
* Turn your website into an even more useful partner with custom, database driven web applications. Gather visitor information to customize a repeat visitor's experience and to supply further marketing opportunities. Special web forms, free offer forms, auto-responders, cookies, subscription-based content management, discussion boards, BLOGs, online-shopping,.. what are your special needs and wish list?

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Exploring the Human Side   People and Relationships

Path and Purpose Centered Approach to Career, Relationships & Living Life

Tai Chi, spiraling movement class: Learn this beautiful Tai Chi/Ba Qua combination form that incorporates large sweeping and short rapid movements and imitates the movement of a dragon

Creating a balance between "being" and "doing": finding balance in work & play & recharge

Revealing any limiting beliefs that stop you from dreaming big dreams: friends, family & culture

Revealing your life's purpose and the work you came here to do: discover your passion

Learning new skills to manifest the life you really want: personal development

Living a life of integrity, authenticity and reciprocity: having a personal moral compass

stress reduction, relaxation and health improvement : movement and stillness for better health

Change lifelong patterns and change your life: if what U'r doing isn't working, do something different

Career planning and job creation : getting "right livelihood" for what you contribute to others


NLP, NeuroLinguistic Programming, Tai Chi, Therapeutic massage

Creating a balance between "being" and "doing"
• being able to "stop and smell the roses", yet get done what needs to get done


Revealing any limiting beliefs that stop you from dreaming big dreams
• be they from cultural indoctrination, traumatic life experience or expectations from family and friends


Revealing your life's purpose and the work you came here to do
• "God*" never makes mistakes - you are a unique and important part of this creation and your gifts and talents
   are just perfect for someone or group, and for some project. Are you living your Life's Purpose in your job?


Learning new skills to manifest the life you really want
• recognize that you are creating your life experience through how you think about the circumstances, people
   and situations in your life - improve the power of your thinking and improve the quality of your life


Living a life of integrity, authenticity and reciprocity
• develop a strong and reliable "internal guidance system" with which to navigate through Life's twists and turns,
   keep you on your path and give you the clarity and creative response potential to give it your best and to
   attract the best from other people and situations


Stress reduction, relaxation and health improvement
• learn how to breath, relax and tune-in with your body and "internal guidance system" via guided meditation,
   chi kung and tai chi movement, and therapeutic massage. Calm your mind and empower your spirit. Bring new
   grace, vitality and health to the tired or uninspired parts of your body and soul.


Change lifelong patterns and change your life
• Use NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) consultation to identify what you truly want in your life, what stops
   you from having that and strategies to re-pattern your life experience. We are what we think. If you want to
   know what you are thinking, look at the world you have around you. NLP can help reveal both conscious and
   unconscious ways in which you think about yourself, others and the world and the old belief systems that help
   us create our expectations about life and the circumstances we create or get involved with to justify our
   preferences, expectations and beliefs.


Career planning and job creation
• when you are relaxed and in communication with your internal guidance system, you can better picture the
   career and work life-style you want to create for yourself. With self-knowledge from knowing your motivations,
   desires and passions and self-confidence from consciously choosing your thoughts and checking them with your
   internal guidance, you can go after the work or job you want or design and create the one you want.

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